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Night Forest Press

We are experimentalists, dreamers, artists and writers. 

Night Forest Press aims to be a hashish that ignites your literary, artistic and intellectual imagination, it seeks to share your poetics of crisis, sweet fictions of rebellious joy and your unique observations. We want languages of truth and brave proclamations of romance. We want words that are honest and fearless because these always offer beauty and insight.


The Night Forest: nocturnal animals stalking, strange sounds and anxious spirits, where the simple crack and crunch of a twig can incite instincts and instabilities. Hear our heartbeats, smell our scents, catch our eyes looking for yours…sure we need love and kinship...   but a world without risk, without danger, without dark, deep, mysterious forests is a world not worth living in.

Exploring ideas and embracing outsider art will enrich your mind. Join us, won't you?


Shaun Woods: editor, musical child, juggler of burning ideas

Joelle Baird: designer, vocal sorcerer, word slinger

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