Night Forest Press


 ~Jimy Dawn

   Sun and the Son


A collection of beautifully crafted poetry

filled with difficult truths, raw honesty

and romantic hope. 


              From the Foreward: 


       “ In late August 2018 my youngest son took his life...  Sun and the Son is an attempt to reach out to him as well as a wish to speak to who we all are, to the universal story of birth, life and inescapable death. It is a way to move through my body while synergized and feeling a deep relationship with what is raw and wild. It is a transmutation of my thoughts into the pain, love and hope of my body; the body connected to the here, the unseen, the entropy of Gaia and all its manifestations that live, die and live again.”


So I Told You



Poet Jimy Dawn touring his book, Sun and the Son, Poland 2021. Click here for updates
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